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About Us

Explore Kurdish Heritage

Kurdish Heritage Project aims to celebrate, explore, and preserve the heritage of people of Kurdish people in London and to inspire and give strength to individuals and communities.

We will integrate text, graphics, audio, and videos into digital environments, allowing a user and audience to interact with the source of this content, gathered through interviews, photographs and video. 

This project will focus on the Kurdish heritage and how it helped to shape their identity. Showcasing the talents of some Kurdish communities living in the UK with a digital media project is a way to tell their stories and inspire audiences who will benefit from accessing a wider community of materials.

Our Story

Kurdish Cultural Heritage provides the community with a creative space where they can share their stories, preserve their cultural heritage, and connect with their individual and collective memory.

The project explores the heritage of Kurdish people who have experienced the pain and loss over decades, and subsequently its heritage has been under threat ever since. The ongoing conflicts in the Middle East have caused severe damage to the Kurds' cultural heritage. From looting to destruction that have never stopped to the nonstop of the systematic ethnic cleansing. We believe this project is a timely and essential for preserving Kurdish heritage. 

Our Funder

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